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Terms & Conditions

Exchange Rates and Trading Policy

After you place an order on our site, we begin processing your order and may contact you to verify the details of your order. Our exchange rate is a weighted USD average of multiple exchanges to provide the highest level of price stability.  Our exchange rate is live and listed here.  When we receive your funds, we will process your trade on or before the following day at 12:00 EST Noon (UTC - 5:00) at the exchange rate posted on our website.  If the exchange rate on the day we receive your funds has a >= 15% variance from the day you placed your order we will hold your funds and contact you by phone and/or email to confirm how you want to proceed.  If this variance is in your favour, meaning that you'll get more bitcoins than when you placed your order, we will place the trade.  If we are unable to reach you by phone or email, we will hold your order until the < 15% variance price is reached. There is a 5% trading fee on every order, calculated after shipping and handling.  We charge $40 CAD for manufacturing and handling.  Shipping rates varies by geographic region. Bitcoin Banknotes™ are void of funds until activation. Once we have confirmation that your order has been delivered, we will contact you and ask you to activate your Bitcoin Banknote™.

*Maturity (ONLY for Credit Cards)

Bitcoin Banknotes™ purchased with credit cards, or credit card systems, have a 6 month maturity date, meaning they fully mature at 6 months from the date of activation. After you have activated your Bitcoin Banknote™, we send 25% of your Bitcoins to your Bitcoin Banknote™. At 6 months we send the remaining 75%.  Orders placed by credit card or credit card systems are subject to our approval and we reserve the right to cancel and refund these transactions at our discretion.


Bitcoin Banknotes™ are engineered to withstand moisture, light, temperature fluctuations, duplication and tampering. It is our strong recommendation that Bitcoin Banknote™, Dragon Series be updated within 5 - 10 years to ensure the highest level of security, durability, and technology.

Delivery and Shipping

Orders usually ship within 3-5 business days. When we have marked your order as complete, we will send you a confirmation email with delivery tracking information. All orders are sent by tracked packages and require signature upon delivery. Therefore, the recipient must be available between 9:00 and 17:00, when the courier will attempt delivery at the noted shipping address. If the recipient misses all delivery attempts the package is returned and the recipient may incur further shipping charges in order to accomodate re-sending the order. We do not ship to P.O. boxes or APO/FPO addresses.

International Order (Outside USA and Canada)

International Orders usually take 7-15 business days for delivery.


We occasionally offer pre-order on our store. Please note that pre-orders are charged at the time of purchase and then shipped later after a noted date.


The nature of our business requires that returns can only be accepted within 2 weeks of receipt and ONLY if your Bitcoin Banknote™ has NOT been activated and has NOT been tampered with in any way. ONCE A BITCOIN BANKNOTE™ IS ACTIVATED, THERE ARE NO REFUNDS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.


If your package arrived damaged please inform the carrier and remark on the delivery paperwork. We will not warrant any damage claims that have not been noted at the point of delivery. Contact us within 24 hours to report damage. Damages must be repacked in the original packaging it came in.


We reserve the right to adjust the pricing of our items at any time, without any notice. Prices are in CAD unless otherwise noted. The 5% trading fee is waived when paying with Bitcoin directly.  When we receive your funds in Bitcoin, we will process your trade on or before the following day at 12:00 EST Noon (UTC - 5:00) at the exchange rate posted on our website.  All orders are rounded up to the nearest 4th decimal place when dealing with bitcoin and to the nearest 2nd decimal place when dealing with fiat (eg. ฿0.0000, $0.00, £0.00, €0.00, etc).

Contact Us

If there are any questions regarding these Terms and Conditions you may contact us using the information below.

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