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About Us

At our core, are passionate, proven entrepreneurs committed to providing you with the peace of mind you demand. Some of us were raised on the internet, some of us build things with our hands, while others come from investment, design, security, business, and legal backgrounds. Our diversity is our blood, and our passion is our backbone.

In 2009, our devotion to bitcoin and the premise of cryptocurrencies took root. As proponents engaged in and backers of the cryptocurrency community, we naturally developed into miners in 2012. We built our own machines, one by one, piece by piece. Some people laughed, sometimes we even laughed at ourselves, but the gold rush was too enthralling to just walk away.

Today, bitcoin is the most comprehensive store of value that exists. With 0% inflation and circulation that is algorithmically capped, the rarity and utility of bitcoin is uncompromised. Two Mountains Capital Ltd. is here to offer these benefits to the whole world, in the easiest, most convenient manner possible - the Bitcoin Banknote™.

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